I specialize in building PHP/JavaScript apps

Hey, I’m Alexander Makhaev. I’ve been a freelance software developer for 15+ years.

I worked with some of the biggest names in their niches including:

  • Xoopit, e-mail startup (acquired by Yahoo for $20 million)
  • RunwaySale, biggest South African online fashion retailer (500+ high-end brands)
  • Summer Cart, best platform for e-commerce in Bulgaria (won the first prize for Software Development of Forbes Magazine, 3000+ online stores are using it)
  • Convertri, the world's fastest funnel builder with 4000+ people subscribed to the app

I specialise in building PHP/JavaScript applications (Laravel, Symfony, Vue, React, Tailwind CSS):

  • Made the Summer Cart platform easy to extend by external plugins such as the Retargeting.biz plugin (it increases online shop revenue up to 100% helping the customers get the products they really want to buy) by building REST API with documentation and Open Source PHP client.
  • Pushed PungoCash cryptocurrencies exchange service’s stability to the next level by creating an automated testing environment with 100+ tests that runs automatically for every staging deployment and reports any errors.
  • Automated the process of adding new brands and stocks for RunwaySale by making a system that recognizes 30+ file formats for different buyers with a drag & drop interface to match the input data with the internal warehouse management system's data structures.
  • Iterated the new Quizitri version with analytics, Zapier integration, appearance settings, and other nice features. It made 100% ROI just after the first promo.

When you hire me, here’s what we would do:

  1. First, click the "Invite" link to invite me to your job
  2. Once everything is accepted, I’ll jump on the phone or chat with you
  3. We’ll go over all the details, functionality and set the milestones
  4. I will deliver the end result taking into account your feedback after the each milestone

So, if that sounds good, just click the "Invite" link and we can start.